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New Type Eve Style (NTE) - Our most economical basic-style storage building available in both ... read more

Small-Box Eve (SBE) - This Small-Box Eve has the same type gable as the ... read more

Big-Box Eve (BBE) - This unit is our top-of-the-line with the more attractive effect, even larger boxing than ... read more

Turnaround - We refer to this unit as our turnaround unit due to the longer gable end in proportion to ... read more

Cedar Shed - This unit is the most prestigious of all our models. Handi-House uses only #1 cedar boards ... read more

T-1-111 Storage Building - This is our most economical wood-sided building. 5/8 T-1-111 siding that ... read more

Lean-To (slant roof) - This unit can be built to your specs in height and slant ... read more

Green House / Hot House - For the gardener in the family, our Green Houses are available in mist green fiberglass or clear . ... read more

Screen Room -Our screen rooms are standard with steel studs, no windows, and a screen door. The number of lights and receptacles ... read more

Guard Shack - This unit is usually custom designed for each customer's individual needs ... read more

Play House - Our playhouses are portable like our other units. These units are standard with a small porch with the size of the porch ... read more

Barn - The barn style building is available in a wide variety of colors for both the sides and the roof. All barn units are standard with the ... read more

Double-Wide Units - This unit is constructed with a heavy-duty truss system to support its extra size. Mainly used for carports or small workshops ... read more

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